Why First Priority?

Why is First Priority Needed?

Hope. A word that in our physical world simply implies a desire for a set outcome, expectation or desire to happen. In the spiritual sense, it is a longing inside of us that is often left unfulfilled. As believers in Jesus, we know that that longing for hope can only be fulfilled [forever] by having a relationship with Christ. Sure, we can hope to have a great vacation which can lead to a good time with family. But we all know that the hope is lost the first morning back at work or school. What if we united students at school who found eternal hope in their relationship with Jesus Christ? Would we discover more Christians than football players? Could those Christians be used by God to bring eternal hope to students who have put all their life into the temporary hopes of the world?

How Does it work?

The 1984 Equal Access Act gives students the right to initiate and lead a Christian club on campus. When students start a club, we send them one of our church-approved youth workers to coach them on how to reach their campus for Christ. The success of First Priority begins and ends with the local church. The students, youth pastors & faculty sponsors that partner with us all belong to a local congregation. Once a student receives Christ on campus, they are encouraged to connect to the body of Christ where they can grow in their new faith.