Our Strategy

Our mission is to unite the local body of Christ with a plan of action to influence the schools with the Gospel.  So our strategy starts and ends when people unite together for this single cause.  Unity looks different, and the same, everywhere.  In some places, networking student pastors is natural.  In some places, there are no student pastors within a 30 minute drive.  Either way, our goal is to get people from multiple churches and denominations together to share the hope of Christ with students in their schools.  Check out the ‘Roles’ tab for who is involved in this unity and what role each group of people can play.

Practically, the ministry of First Priority gets worked out through a club at school. First Priority clubs follow a four-week strategy called HOPE.  HOPE is an acronym for Help, Overcome, Prepare, and Engage.


Equipping the Christian students with foundational truth to be able to articulate a simple gospel message in thirty seconds or less.


Motivation and inspiration to overcome our fear, worry and doubts we have about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Giving 1-3 students the opportunity to prepare and share their journey of faith in God (in its entirety or in part).


The opportunity for the believing students to invite their non-believing friends they have been praying for to come and hear about the HOPE of Christ.