“I can’t imagine a better way to support the coming of God’s Kingdom in the local school environment than to give to First Priority.  You are supporting missionaries in your local community and you can see what your giving produces in the most amazing way possible: the lives of kids in your very own community!” – Ministry Partners Chris & Peggy

When you ask a successful company what keeps them in business, the most likely response is “our customers”. At First Priority, our “customers” are Christian leaders and the local church. Our job is to connect leaders and churches to a local campus; unite them together around each middle and high school; provide a strategy, resources and training; and mentor them as they work together to reach the campuses for Christ.

Individuals, churches and businesses who partner with First Priority do not see the relationship as doing a favor to First Priority but as a valuable resource that empowers them to extend their ministry onto a middle or high school campus. They see it as an investment not only into the Kingdom, but as an investment into their own ministries and ministries within the church.

Will you consider investing in the Kingdom through First Priority?

Simply click on the “DONATE NOW” button at right to make an on-line donation (one time donation or set up a monthly gift).

If you would like help to establish a regular, monthly deduction from your credit card or checking account, contact Haley at haleywherry@me.com or (423) 676-3585.  

You can also mail a check or money order, payable to First Priority to:  PO Box 2114; Johnson City, TN 37605.

Other Investment Strategies

While gifts of cash are vital to any ministry, there are other ways that you can leverage your wealth to invest into the Kingdom through FIRST PRIORITY. Many of these strategies will stretch the impact of your gift as well as increase the tax benefit you realize from your investment. Consider each of the possibilities listed in the links to the left as ways to support First Priority.

Gifts of Stock

Charitable Lead Trust

Including FIRST PRIORITY in your Will

Gifts of Real Property

Donor Advised Funds

Gifts of Life Insurance

Gift Annuities

Charitable Remainder Trust

For all questions on how to set up credit card gifts, electronic fund transfers, a lost receipt or any other general giving questions, contact Michelle Price at thepriceline@gmail.com.