Help Week Resources: Helping students understand the gospel and know how to present it.

Help Week Planning Sheet: Great tool to plan your next Help Week meeting!

Million Dollar Gospel Tracts

Optical Illusion Cards

Gospel Surveys: Surveys that help begin gospel conversations

Origami Gospel: Using a piece of paper to share the gospel

iGospel: You can turn your mobile device into a Mobile Gospel Tract!

Life In 6 Words

Salt Videos: These short videos are great conversation starters! Post to your social media, or show a friend on your phone or tablet. They each ask a question or make a statement at the end that can open the door for you sharing your faith!

3 Circles Discussion Guide

Romans Road to Salvation

I am Second

Four Spiritual Laws

The Most Important Thing

View the Story

God Speaks

Evangel Cubes

Various Tracts

The Gospel in Paper and Scissors

Two Ways to Live A great gospel presentation on line and one easy to remember so you can share it with others!

Gospel Videos: Great gospel videos to share with friends on our phone or through social media.

G.O.S.P.E.L. Cards: Great tool for sharing the gospel using the G.O.S.P.E.L. acronym.

Gospel Presentation Guide: A simple description of the Gospel.

2-6-2 Evangelism Guide: Dare 2 Share’s 2-6-2 Evangelism Guide.  2 questions to start a spiritual conversation, 6 points to share the gospel, and 2 questions to encourage a decision.

Evangelism Style Test: Dare 2 Share’s “test” to help you determine what style evangelism you are made for.

Something Amazing Website

How to engage your friends who have different worldviews/religions

Most Wanted Devotion: Create a “most wanted” list of students at your school that God wants you to impact with the gospel.