Gospel Surveys

NOTE: These surveys are NOT to be handed to people for them to fill out. They are designed to used to create a conversation, one-to-one with individuals. Designed to start a conversation about God, they must be done “interview style”!

Gospel surveys are a great way to share the Gospel.  They are short surveys that lead to an opportunity to share God’s plan of salvation.  There are surveys for each month of the school year, each with their own topic (For example:  August is “Back To School” and February is “Love and Dating”). Feel free to use them at any time.

What You Will Need:


•Clip board or something to write on

•Pencil or pen


•Do not interrupt class time to do surveys.

•Do them before school, after school, or during lunch.

•Do not pressure students to take the survey.

Back to School Survey: August Wave.pdf

Prayer (See You At The Pole) Survey: September Wave.pdf

Halloween Survey: October Wave.pdf

Thanksgiving Survey: November Wave.pdf

Holiday Survey: December Wave.pdf

New Year’s Resolution Survey: January Wave.pdf

Dating Survey: February Wave.pdf

St Patrick’s Day Survey: March Wave.pdf

Easter Survey: April Wave.pdf

Year At A Glance Survey: May Wave.pdf

Graduation Survey: Graduation Survey.pdf

Clanging Symbols Survey: 1 Corinthians 13 Survey

Forgivness Survey: Forgiveness Survey

Christian Worldview? Survey