FIRST PRIORITY is a local church strategy designed to empower Student Leaders to unite on their middle and high school campuses to serve the school, minister to their peers and share the Hope of the gospel with their generation.

FIRST PRIORITY is a student-led, adult-mentored, evangelistic campus ministry for middle and high schools.

FIRST PRIORITY helps local churches build movements born out of the seven ‘C’s that unite us across denomination lines:





        Children (students)

        Campus (schools)


How does FIRST PRIORITY work?

FIRST PRIORITY helps create a grassroots movement in your community with the understanding that to touch every teen life in the community every year, no one church or group can do it alone. We are devoted to helping THE local Church DISCOVER the possibilities, make DECISIONS as they go, give DIRECTION to the networks, and continue the DEVELOPMENT of the FIRST PRIORITY networks.

The FIRST PRIORITY model works foundationally as a student- led, student-initiated club on campus, but has many more layers than that. These layers make FIRST PRIORITY much more than just another ‘youth meeting’. Those layers are our networks described in our ‘game analogy’:

Students: Players on the field and missionaries to their peers nine months a year at school.

Church Leaders: Coaches on the ‘sidelines’ training and equipping the saints for works of service.

Parents: Fans in the Stands.

Teachers: The Referees

Business Leader: Owners in the Skybox.

Why does FIRST PRIORITY work?

There are unlimited resources in the body of Christ that FIRST PRIORITY mobilizes on behalf of students in need.

FP gives students a specific, manageable opportunity to put their faith and love to work where they live everyday.

Because Scripture tells us that love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8)

Who benefits from FIRST PRIORITY?

The local Church. FIRST PRIORITY works for the church by: – Helping congregations organize to serve students who are lost. – Giving congregations specific, manageable opportunities to serve. – Schools in need. FIRST PRIORITY mobilizes and connects the body of Christ to the school.

The Kingdom of God. When students lives are changed by hope found only in Jesus Christ.