Engage Week: Engaging the campus with the Gospel.

Engage Week Description: Be sure to know the purpose and plan for Engage Weeks!

Engage Week Planning Guide

First Priority Response Cards 2017: Student Response Cards to be used on Engage Weeks

Follow Up Guide FP: Follow-Up Guide to assist and track proper follow-up to connect students to local churches to be discipled

On-Line Video Gospel Presentations: Share these videos on social media to help share the Good News!

Two Ways to Live: A great gospel presentation on line and one easy to remember so you can share it with others!

Engage Week Response Cards: Cards used for response time during Engage Weeks or other opportunities to share the gospel.

Salt Videos: These short videos are great conversation starters! Post to your social media, or show a friend on your phone or tablet. They each ask a question or make a statement at the end that can open the door for you sharing your faith! Check them out.

Pumpkin Gospel Presentation: Use a pumpkin to illustrate how through Christ we can get a new face and let His light shine through us!

Candy Cane Outreach: Share the Good News of Jesus Christ through distributing candy canes at Christmas.

Christmas Dinner Outreach: Share the gospel during the Christmas season by hosting a Christmas dinner.

Christmas Party Outreach: Ideas on how to hold a Christmas Party and share the gospel with all who attend.

Jesus Week Outreach: Declare Easter Week, Jesus Week, and share the story of Easter with your school.

What’s So Good About Good Friday (WSGAGF): Great idea for sharing the Good News about Good Friday during Easter.

Class Wars: Details on how to organize a food drive competition at your school.  This idea comes from the students of Tennessee High in Bristol, Tennessee.