There are 5 areas that your church can focus on in order to partner with First Priority and help see the Hope of Christ in Every Student. They are the 5 Ps…

Pray, Plow, Participate, Promote and Provide

Pray: It all starts and ends with prayer! Your church can to pray for the following…

  • Pray for Unity of the Body of Christ.
  • Pray for churches and church leaders to catch the vision.
  • Pray for God to raise up Student Leaders, Campus Coaches, Faculty Sponsor and Priority Parents.
  • Pray for favor with school administrators.
  • Pray for God to soften eyes, minds and hearts for the gospel.
  • Pray for Student Leaders to grow in wisdom, boldness and leadership skills as they share the gospel.
  • Pray for students to respond to the gospel and to get plugged into a local church.

Plow: If your church is involved in spearheading efforts to establish First Priority at a new school, you must help “plow the soil” and prepare the ground (school campus) for ministry. Plowing involves:

  • Casting vision and sharing the First Priority strategy with community leaders.
  • Coordinating “Vision Casting Meetings” that gather leaders from local churches and provides an opportunity for a First Priority representative to share the vision and strategy of the ministry.
  • Cast vision to the students in your congregation, challenging them to see their school as a mission field and themselves as Campus Missionaries.
  • Help identify Student Leaders, Campus Coaches, Faculty Sponsors and Priority Parents in your church and community.
  • Assist Student Leaders as they approach the school administration and establish a campus ministry.

Participate: Because First Priority is a ministry of the local Church, it is imperative that your church participate in the ministry. Participating in First Priority involves:

  • Uniting with other churches from other denominations around the one thing we all have in common…The Cross, and to not be concerning with preferences that other denominations hold that are different from yours.
  • Identifying and encouraging students from your congregation to step up as leaders and be active in the ministry at their schools.
  • Encouraging adults in your congregation to be involved as prayer warriors and mentors.
  • Attend training events, club meetings, Campus Network meetings and planning meetings.

Promote: Promoting the vision and ministry of First Priority is a key focus of churches that are involved in the ministry. Once a ministry is established at a school, the job of Proclaiming continues. Promoting the ministry involves:

  • Promoting within your church:
    • Explaining the vision and strategy of First Priority regularly to your congregation.
    • Keeping your congregation updated on what is happening through First Priority.
    • Promoting prayer for the ministry and those involved.
    • Commissioning your students as Campus Missionaries.
  • Promoting outside your church:
    • Promoting unity among churches.
    • Continuing to cast vision to other churches, encouraging them to participate.
    • Sharing prayer needs and praise reports with the community.
    • Connecting First Priority to local denominations associations and other ministry organizations.

Provide: Your church can help provide resources needed by the Student Leaders in each school as well as First Priority across the region. Providing involves:

  • Providing support for Student Leaders, such as the use of your facilities for training and planning, car pooling students that need rides early or late to attend meetings, and other needs that arise.
  • Providing meals or snacks for training meetings, planning meetings and Engage Weeks.
  • Providing Bibles and devotions that are used for following up with students who respond to the gospel.
  • Provide to help reach students’ ministry/outreach ideas, such as purchasing gospel resources for Help Weeks or creating outreach events.
  • Investing in First Priority Blue Ridge through monthly contributions, helping to provide for ministry across the region.