Become a Campus Coach

First Priority Campus Coach commitment

  1. As an invited guest, ATTEND club meetings and provide direction for the Student Leadership Team
  2. Meet with the Student Leadership Team & Faculty Sponsor for PLANNING MEETINGS
    to advise in implementing the First Priority club strategy
  3. PROVIDE First Priority resources available for clubs upon request
  4. Encourage new Christian students to follow-through with friends in the FOLLOW-UP PROCESS
  5. Be involved with First Priority NETWORK meetings and communicate regularly with your
    First Priority Director
  6. As the Student Leadership Team initiates conversations with you relating to the club, always
    ENCOURAGE the leadership to fulfill the purpose they committed to in their Club Constitution
    and to discuss any denominational issues with their local church
  7. INVOLVE YOUR CHURCH in the ministry of First Priority by developing prayer initiatives, supporting through missions giving, providing volunteers

A First Priority Campus Coaches’ role is to assist students in with their club through training, organization, encouragement, and logistical support. Clubs are student-led and student initiated, so the campus coaches’ primary responsibility is to make sure students have the resources they need from First Priority. To become a First Priority Campus Coach, contact us at